“I consider Katherine Probst to be one of the finest minds in our country, with an extraordinary talent in planning, researching and evaluating policy and program goals for any organization.”

John Cruden, former Assistant Attorney General, Environment and Natural Resources Division, U.S. Department of Justice

“In this town full of analysts seeking data to justify conclusions they have already reached, Kate stands out for her objectivity, common sense, and great analytical skills. Her policy analysis and strategic thinking are second to none and reflect her rich experience assessing many diverse environmental policy issues over the years.”

Linda Greer, former Senior Scientist, Health Program, Natural Resources Defense Council

“I have known and worked with Kate Probst for nearly thirty years. Kate is simply one of the best analysts I have ever known.  Moreover, she has an extremely keen policy and strategic sense, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is both personable and highly intelligent. I recommend her highly to any organization needing outstanding strategic or analytical work delivered by a very independent, conscientious, and capable professional.”

Arthur Weissman, former President & CEO, Green Seal, Inc.

“Kate Probst is an outstanding policy analyst, researcher, and strategic thinker. She has been one of the nation’s leaders in the environmental policy area for more than two decades. Kate has conducted numerous research studies on how to improve the nation’s Superfund toxic waste cleanup program, including a pioneering program evaluation report in 2001 for the U.S. Congress and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency entitled Superfund’s Future. She has worked closely with senior officials in the legislative and executive branches of government on these studies, and testified before the U.S. Congress on several occasions on her research.

Timothy Fields, Jr., Senior Vice President, MDB, Inc., Former EPA Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste and Emergency Response